Revolutionizing Pharmacology

A Pharmaceutical Company Dedicated to harnessing integrin allostery for reversing malignancy

DEVELOPING UNIQUE Allosteric modulators of integrins for  cancer: The dimmer switch analogy

AVIPERO has unique Platform technology with multiple applications/indications.

AVIPERO is a strong team with track record in drug development in cancer. At Avipero we aspire to revolutionize the treatment of malignant and degenerative diseases worldwide. We are dedicated to the study of advanced cancer, our pharmaceutical research company prioritizes the development of a non-destructive cure for this metastatic disease.


Our Revolutionary Approach to Cell Restoration

Our targeted therapeutic pharmacology refines integrins and tissues instead of killing them. This transformative nature of our platform comes from our unique understanding of changes in cell behavior in different illnesses.

This approach retains rogue cells, which cause malignant tumors. Instead of shutting them down, it brings them back to their original state, therefore, modifying disease progression and reducing severe side effects. This form of treatment has been proven effective on metastatic cancers as well as various degenerative diseases and viral infections.

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