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AVI001 Beta1 Integrin (hybrid domain 1) Parkinson’s Disease, metastatic cancer, replicative senescence Pre-clinical
AVI002 Beta1 integrin (hybrid domain 2) Replicative senescence Discovery
AVI002+Ezetimibe (benzylic derivative) Beta1 integrin (hybrid domain 2 + Neimann Pick protein C1 “NPC”). Anti-viral (Ebola) Discovery

AVI001 (Cancer and age-related diseases)

  • Beta1 integrin subunit pairs with at least 11 α subunits to produce heterodimers that mediate adhesion to various (e.g. matrix molecules and cell surface proteins) (Desgrosellier JS & Cheresh DA, 2010).
  • Metastasis is an umbrella description of multiple processes: migration, invasion, metastasis, extravasation and colonisation
    During the dynamics of such processes, different beta1 integrin heterodimers interplay with some even serving as tumour suppressor.
  • AVI001 (lead compound) and similar inhibitory anti beta1 integrin antibody inhibited tumour growth in models of breast cancer in vitro and in vivo (Weaver et al. 1997)
  •  Ablation of beta1 integrin in tumor cells in vivo led to (Kren et al. 2007):
    • the dissemination of tumor cell into lymphatic blood vessels yet inhibited metastasis.
    • impaired primary tumor growth by reducing tumor cell proliferation and the acquisition of senescence.
  • Anti-beta1 integrin antibody:
    • Completely inhibited invasion of triple negative breast carcinoma cells with dual effect on proliferation in vitro and in vivo (Zhang et al. 2022, Yin et al. 2016, Lau et al. 2021).
    • Prevents lung seeding of single osteosarcoma cells in vivo (Kimura et al, 2012).
    • Inhibits tumour growth (Grzesiak et al. 2011, Carbonell et al. 2013) , and
    • Selective for malignant cells (in vitro and in vivo) (Thibaudeau et al, 2015 and Jahangiri et al., 2017).

AVI001 enhances cartilage and skin regrowth in vivo and show repair in skin rejuvenation


AVI001/ PEG emulsion



AVI002 (senescence)

Replicative senescence is related to aging and decline in function with age. Beta1 integrin levels are down-regulated in aged skin, and upregulation of beta1 integrin synthesis could have an anti-aging effect. AVIPERO identified AVI002 as a treatment for inhibiting and reversing replicative senescence in replicative senescence and injury models.


AVI002+EZE (Ebola)

Various viruses utilize cell adhesion receptors for entry and infection of host cells. Beta1 integrin is known to facilitate entry and is affected by various viral infections. By targeting host mechanisms utilized by the Ebola virus, AVI002 showed positive anti-viral activity against Ebola. The strategy entailed: a combination of AVI002 and a modified derivative of the marketed cholesterol-lowering drug ezetimibe. The treatment combination demonstrated a synergistic mode of action reducing viremia by 80% in cell culture models. In addition, the treatment showed no toxicity.

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